NAOS CX Back Office Outsourcing

NAOS is a business process outsourcing company with a proven record of lowering the cost of processing your company's vital yet repetitive functions.

Let’s talk about outsourcing such tasks at a far lesser cost and with greater efficiency.

Do side business-duties occupy so much time that your team cannot focus on growing the business?

Back Office Outsourcing

Such costly and time-consuming tasks are business killers if you do not have the capacity, budget, and/or manpower to handle them.

Hire NAOS’s experience in back-office outsourcing services before hiring new resources dedicated to administrative tasks!

NAOS CX is a world-class customer-focused organization that provides business back office outsourcing services.

Our goal is to supply low-cost, flexible support services to help you control costs while meeting your business goals.

We specialize in data entry, database management, reporting, invoicing, and more. We guarantee exceptional performance and cost-effective service.


For more information about our services and the latest news


For more information about our services and the latest news

NAOS CX Back Office Outsourcing services

Will get

Empowered Databases
We collect, verify and classify accurate data into your databases.
Our accountants with expertise in bookkeeping will prepare your financial records.
Typing or transcription
We convert audio and video files into written text. We can translate the texts to/from English.
Employees or new users onboarding
We gather all the necessary signatures and documents for onboarding new employees or clients.
Invoicing & orders follow-up
We carefully process your invoices, orders, and claims to ensure your customers have all the necessary documentation.
Payroll and other administrative processes
We can calculate your payrolls and process employee terminations.

Get better results at a lower price when ordering all services:
Live Chat Assistant, Customer Service, Technical Support, Telemarketing and Telesales

A Contact Center for Outsourced Customer Experience

Know more

What are the back-office operations my company can outsource with NAOS CX?

We know your business has a lot to do, and when you see your teams spend too much time and energy on repetitive work, you know that you should outsource some of their back-office activities.

Here are some of the tasks NAOS CX can take on:

  • Data entry, including a certain level of classification, analysis, and interpretation
  • Content and review moderation
  • Order and Claim processing
  • Document verification when you onboard new users
  • Typing or transcription, like converting audio and video files into written text.

Check this website for a complete description of BPO, specifically the Back-Office services that can be outsourced.

Let’s discuss your project to find the most suitable solution for you!

How long will it take to start my back-office outsourcing project with you?

It depends on the back-office activity and the required skills of the people working on it.

From the moment you send details regarding your project, we usually have a response for you in 2 to 3 working days with our proposal of team sizing, project timeline, and budget.

Then, we sign a service agreement and start working immediately on your project, defining the processes, selecting and training the teams, setting up the IT systems, and the quality controls.

The kicking-off usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for relatively small projects and 3 to 4 weeks for larger projects that involve more than 50 team members.


Let’s talk to outsourcing such work to a far lesser cost with greater quality and efficiency.
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Copyright by NAOS Solutions. All rights reserved.