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HR services in Egypt

Because people are the key.

NAOS Talents enables companies to build their internal capacity and identify the key players who can help your company grow.

We will be your middleman to the Egyptian job and labor markets, reducing your HR workload while keeping you compliant with local labor regulations.

What is the biggest HR issues facing your company?

As your company grows, the need for qualified Human Resource service providers becomes undeniable. You may get short of HR staff and overload your current HR department to get the operations working.

However, finding the right HR partner is a strategic decision that takes time and effort. With experience in labor market analysis and Human Resources management consulting, NAOS Talents can help you find the best HR solutions to help your company prosper.

NAOS Talents is part of NAOS Solutions, offering HR services in Egypt. We serve the needs of national or multinational corporations operating in Egypt and across the MENA region.

We will tailor-made HR services based on your needs and requirements. Our experts are committed to delivering efficient, cost-effective recruitment and staffing solutions for our clients.

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Why choose NAOS Talents?


The NAOS Talents team is made up of young, highly qualified HR professionals who understand the importance of speed and flexibility, as well as the value of developing long-term relationships with business partners.
The right candidate
We have access to a large spectrum of sourcing channels to find the perfect candidate
Compliance with Egyptian Law
Our HR team is advised by the best legal experts
Agility in HR processes
Convert your HR department's fixed costs into expenses to scale up or down as needed.
Quality and cost-effectiveness
Outsource to make your HR department more efficient, concentrating on high-value tasks.
We help your company adjust to seasonal staff changes and maintain a consistent, productive workflow.

Let's find together the best Human Resources Management Solutions for your Company.


Let's Find Together The Best HR Solution To Help Your Company Prosper.

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Know more about our Human Resources Management services

Can I use only one of NAOS Talents' services or can I combine several services?

You can use one of our services, or you can combine several. It’s entirely up to you.

If you need us to recruit for one position, that’s fine. If you need us to recruit a batch of positions, that’s fine too!

You can also rely on NAOS Talents to handle payrolls for you—we’ll calculate them and ensure they get paid out on time. Or we can manage payroll calculations and bank transfers for you so that you only have to set it up once and then sit back while we do the rest.

Or maybe you’d instead let us act as your PEO. In that case, NAOS Talents will be the official co-employer of your workforce and take care of all related administrative tasks, from signing the contract with your employee to managing benefits and payroll. You will find here 10 Reasons To Outsource HR Functions.

Leave your contact and let’s discuss your needs to find the best suitable HR solution for your company!

What industries do you usually recruit for?

We recruit for all kinds of industries. Because we are one of the first providers of HR jobs in Egypt

Initially, we were focused on recruiting for the internal needs of NAOS solutions, i.e. call center agents.

Since 2018, we’ve expanded our horizons and started recruiting on behalf of external clients who operate in a wide variety of industries, such as IT engineering, construction, retail, pharmaceuticals, and technology. We’ve been recruiting regularly for Egyptian and international companies alike—medium-sized and large companies as well as tech startups.

If you’re interested in hearing more about what we can do for your company or what kind of candidate might fit your needs, drop us a line here!

How do you find the talents?

When you hire an agency like NAOS Talents, you’re not just getting a service, you’re getting a team of professionals working in the field for years. They are constantly on the hunt for new talent.

In 10 years of activity, our team has received and analyzed more than 400,000 candidate resumes—which constitutes a vast database from which we can draw to find the rare gem you’re looking for.

We can also conduct specific searches by posting your job offer on the most appropriate job boards and social networks.


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Let's find together the best HR solution to help your company to prosper.
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OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
Keep in touch with us!

Copyright by NAOS Solutions. All rights reserved.

Copyright by NAOS Solutions. All rights reserved.