NAOS CX Technical Support and Hotline

Regarding IT support, there’s no better choice than to ask experts. NAOS teams will do their best to solve your customers' technical issues before the phone call ends.

Request our services to set up your hotline.

Are you 100% sure your customers get the technical support they need?

Keeping up with technical requests can be expensive and complicated, especially during weekends and after-hours or in multiple languages.

Our technical team offers 24/7 support every day of the week.

Set up a hotline to facilitate immediate communication with customers who need troubleshooting.

With NAOS CX, offer your customers better service and faster answers. They feel most loyal to the brands that successfully address their requests.


For more information about our services and the latest news


For more information about our services and the latest news

NAOS CX Technical Support & Hotline

Will get

Constant operational readiness
A fully-provisioned IT infrastructure ensures the availability of the service.
A high-quality technical staff
Our teams help your customers get the full benefits of using your products.
A toll-free line
We can assist you in setting up a toll-free line connected with your IVR.
A Call Overflow Platform
If your teams are overwhelmed, we will handle the inbound calls in the queue.
After-hours services
Your team handles the calls during the working days and leaves the rest to us.

Get better results at a lower price when ordering all services:
Live Chat Assistant, Customer ServiceTelemarketing and Telesales, Back Office Outsourcing

A Contact Center for Outsourced Customer Experience

Know more

What kind of contract should be established with the Technical Support provider?

When outsourcing a call center jobs, you must be sure that the service and the contract fully suit your needs and business plan.
At NAOS CX, we usually redact the contract, which is revised and amended if necessary by the Outsourcing party.

An efficient and complete contractual agreement shall cover:

  1. A description of the outsourced service (activity, language, schedule, seasonality, channels, etc.).
  2. A Technical part (SLAs and KPIs, Quality monitoring and escalation plans, Disaster Management and Recovery plans, data management, confidentiality).
  3. An Administration part (sizing of teams and workforce requirements, report ownership, contract duration, and competent jurisdiction).
  4. A Financial part (currency of invoices, billing cycle, annual revision based on inflation rate, etc.).
Do you integrate with any CRM? or do you work with specific technology?

We can propose using our own open-source CRM solution by default, which is simple and efficient. However, we are happy to adapt to your preferred customer interface via an API as well.

We always seek to provide the most appropriate solution for our clients.

How long should be the training of the agents to provide optimal technical support to my customers?

The length of training depends on the complexity of the product(s).
In most cases, an initial product training of 3 to 4 days, plus a one-day training on tools and processes, is enough to cover all the basics so that the operators can provide clear answers to your customers.
Then, you should consider continuous training. For example, scheduling a half-day session every six months is helpful to refresh processes and review new information in the knowledge base.

The smoother the communication between us, the better the quality of the responses.

Is NAOS CX infrastructure strong enough to receive a massive amount of calls simultaneously?

Yes, our current IT infrastructure allows us to handle more than 500,000 calls per day.

Since our IT is based on a server system with redundancy and UPS, and the data is hosted in the cloud, our contact center is entirely scalable to increase capacity according to the needs of our clients.

What services do medical support assistants offer?

Medical Support Assistants offer a range of services, including appointment scheduling, patient registration, insurance verification, and medical records management. They play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and facilitating efficient patient care.

How can a medical support assistant help me?

Medical Support Assistant Service can assist you by providing advanced administrative services such as medical coding, billing, insurance claim processing, and financial assistance coordination. They ensure accurate documentation and efficient healthcare operations, as well as organize appointments and coordinate with healthcare providers. They strive to make your patients’ experience seamless and hassle-free.

Do you work with medical support services?

Yes, you can hire NAOS CX services for medical support as we have  a specialized team that is well-trained and has the required qualification to give you high-quality service that can save you resources, money, and time, satisfy your patients and keep their retention, and a lot more.


Request our services to set up your hotline.
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