Recruit and Retain Generation Z


One of the hottest matters for HR managers in 2022 is how to recruit and retain Generation Z in the workplace. This generation, born between 1995 and 2005, is the fastest-growing demographic group in global workplaces. They are finalizing their studies and entering the labor force.

GenZers colleagues say they revitalize the workplace by bringing new perspectives and specialized skills. The tagline of Silicon Valley applies perfectly to them: they move fast and break things!

Let’s see how recruiting companies must change their mindset to attract and retain these new talents.

A. Who are Generation Z workers?

First we have to know what Generation Z is and how the label was created.

1. Who are the Gen Z?



We can refer to the members of “Generation Z” as “Gen Z,” “GenZers,” and “Zoomers.” They are successors of the Millennials and predecessors of Generation Alpha.

GenZers are global and aware citizens born in the revolutionary age of technology. Across countries, that generation shares common characteristics and values.

This generation is usually tech-savvy individuals and digital media consumers. Its members are accustomed to having knowledge and information at their fingertips. However, as a result, they have shorter attention spans but extraordinary multitasking abilities.



In 2022, Generation Z will be from 7 to 27 years old. In Egypt, the GenZers represent a demographic group of 40 million people, according to World Population Review. The UN estimates the Egyptian population to be 106 million on July 1, 2022. As such, 37% of the Egyptian population belongs to Generation Z. 

However, those aged 23 to 27 are most relevant as they have entered or are entering the workplace. In 2022, as many as 8 million GenZ will enter the labor market. 51% are male, and 49% are female. Besides, Egypt’s total higher education participation rate has been steadily growing since the 1970s, reaching 40 percent in 2021/2022. As a consequence, they are the most educated generation in history.

Human Resources Managers cannot overlook the specificities of this population anymore.


2. What values and aspirations of Gen Z differentiate them from the rest?

Generation Z grew up with smartphones, bite-sized content on YouTube, and apps like Snapchat. A world with the internet is the only world they have been living in. Consequently, they have evolved in touch with the global marketplace of ideas and commerce. These workers process information faster than previous generations, and they know the possibilities are endless.

GenZers tend to have nomad identities they will shape over time. Locking in a single stereotype is one of the worst things you can do for Generation Z. They are more likely to experience different ways of being themselves.


B. How to Recruit GenZ Talents?

Becoming full-time employees, Generation Z has a significant impact on the workplace. Successfully attracting this new workforce implies employers understand the changes that Generation Z asks for.



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1. How Gen Z searches for jobs, and what matters to them?



Source: Introducing the First Graduating Class of Generation Z (Yello 2019 Recruiting Study)

Employee referrals are Gen Z’s preferred job source. Over 60% of Gen Z students declare their favorite way of learning about potential employers is through referrals from current or former employees.

Next are job boards and company websites as Generation Z candidates’ most relevant search channels.

Nevertheless, job fairs regain attractivity with Generation Z candidates who value direct and face-to-face communication. Those sourcing channels are nearly twice as important compared to their Millennial counterparts.


Millennials and GenZers job seekers rank salary and work-life balance as their main criteria when making a career decision. But the third element that most matters for Gen Z’s is the job duties and the projects they will be working on. In comparison, for Millenials, it is their career advancement plan. Therefore, a job description optimized for GenZ must highlight the role’s impact on the company. The description shall also state clearly the tasks they will accomplish within their first 6 months on duty.



Regarding the interviews, they prefer face-to-face, but for the rest of the process, the preferred communication method of Gen Z candidates is texting through several channels (emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and so).

Gen Z job seekers rank their relationship with the recruiter as the most crucial factor in deciding whether to accept an offer. Recruiters must take time to build respectful relationships with candidates. For example, set the timeframe for the recruitment process from the beginning. If an unexpected event occurs, avoid leaving the candidate uncommunicated for several days. GenZers will value a positive recruitment experience above all other factors.


2. Use your Employer branding to attract Gen Z


Gen Z will start investigating your company through its website. This group is looking for a compelling brand presence on-site and on social media. Your career page must state the company’s mission clearly, show current employees, and include, if possible, a company culture video.



McKinsey study reveals that 81% of Gen Z respondents refrain from purchasing or working for a brand with sexist, racist, or homophobic values and would actively discourage others from doing the same.

Few things are more critical to most Generation Z members than a company’s commitment to social responsibility on equity and environmental issues. GenZers value the concrete actions throughout the company supply chain that sustain their social or ecological discourses. They know how to search for information and to look beyond organizations’ speeches.



Global issues and challenges are of particular interest for Generation Z. This generation wants their careers to have meaning, and many want to be involved in something bigger than making money. They claim their aspiration to work for companies that contribute to advancing human rights, protecting the environment, or simply helping others.

In terms of attracting the new generation of workers, recruiters should focus on emotional fit and work-life balance.


C. How to Retain Generation Z in the workplace?


This generation is adaptable, flexible, and quick to pick up on new ideas and processes.

Generation Z in the workplace statistics show that more than half admit they intend to look for a new job within three years. Even though attracting Gen Z candidates is challenging, retaining them may be the next hurdle for businesses.

Some of the changes that Generation Z is bringing to the workplace include:


1. Benefits the Generation Z value

Benefits have always been crucial, but the types of benefits prioritized by employees have shifted over the last few generations. Generation X, born between 1965 and 1980, values family life benefits such as flex-time, parental leave, and child care. Gen Z appears to grant less importance than their millennial predecessor benefits centered on security, such as retirement plans. So, what kind of benefits are they looking for?



According to a Barna Group report, over two-thirds of Generation Z consider financial independence the most important goal to achieve before age 30. Financial independence is their primary objective, and Generation Z is willing to work hard to obtain it.



Nevertheless, they also highly prize a healthy work-life balance. Mental health and well-being are substantial issues for this generation. A job that provides extra vacation or flexible schedules is bound to appeal to them.

Gen Z workers greatly appreciate the flexibility given by remote or hybrid work opportunities. They prefer to have the choice to work from home several days per week – or wherever they are most comfortable. When given remote work options, employees are more likely to remain in their current position for the next five years.


2. What kind of organizations will retain Gen Z Talents


GenZers’ worst organizational hierarchy is top-down management with rigid chains of command. The Definitive Guide to Gen Z in the Workplace says they strongly prefer collaborating and being involved in decision-making. As so, they lean on laboring in multidisciplinary and agile teams.

Generation Z employees highly value peer mentoring programs, for example. They crave regular feedback in a supportive workplace environment.



GenZers are radically inclusive. Attracting and retaining Generation Z workers implies mixing and matching different generations and profiles on the same team.



Young workers enjoy rotating several jobs during their first few years in a company. They prize experiences that allow them to identify what they like most and the path they want to pursue.

For example, an accountant can spend six months on franchise accounting, another six months on brand advertising accounting, and perhaps six more months on corporate accounting.

To sum up, retaining GenZers in the workplace requires allowing them to make meaningful contributions. It would be best if you considered giving them more flexibility and ownership over their roles.



We hope you find this blog post helpful in getting started with Generation Z. In this post, you have found the description of GenZers top trends and why they are so different from the rest. We also offered tactics for recruitment and retention.

Understanding Gen Z will empower you to design recruitment and retention strategies and the company’s perks and benefits. That way, you can make your company more attractive to this generation of new hires.

Nevertheless, if you feel you need a hand in managing the HR department, give us a call. We will organize a free consultation with our expert team to see how we can begin assisting you right away!

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