Social Media Recruitment: The 6 Best Tips To Make Your Employer Branding Shine Online


Among HR professionals, who remember the good old days in the ‘90s when recruitment meant sifting through a pile of resumes at your desk? As we fast forward to today, our job landscape looks more like a bustling online marketplace. The game-changing power of employer branding makes your organization not just a workplace but a coveted destination for top talent. While employer branding has been around the block, the magic wand of social media has given it a dazzling new makeover.

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We’re about to embark on a thrilling journey exploring the role of social media in employer branding. Along the way, we will share six practical, actionable tips to polish your online brand. Whether you’re an HR Director, Head of Recruitment, or Personnel Manager, these insights will supercharge your recruitment and help build a workforce that fits your organization like a glove.


Unleashing the Power of Social Media Recruitment for Stellar Employer Branding


Why Employer Branding Has Become an Unavoidable Necessity for HR Professionals


Employer branding is an organization’s strategic approach to shaping and elevating its reputation and stature as an employer of choice. It sets a company apart in the labor market, enabling it to compete effectively for the best talent and build credibility. Employer branding is about positioning an organization as an ideal workplace.

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It might be an intangible concept, yet, an employer brand has evolved into a crucial asset that demands regular attention and nurturing. A LinkedIn survey reveals that 72% of global recruitment leaders concur that employer branding significantly influences hiring.

Employer’s Reputation Management encapsulates various aspects such as company culture, values, work environment, employee benefits, opportunities for career development, and the entire employee experience. Positive employer branding can improve competitiveness by attracting and retaining top talent, boosting employee engagement, decreasing turnover rates, and reducing costs per hire.

The Digital Age: A Game Changer for Employer Branding


The digital age has brought about a profound transformation in how organizations attract, select, and cultivate talent for new generations of employees. The focus of employer branding, vital for recruiting and retaining high-potential employees, now revolves around learning and leadership development, mobility, rewards, and competency systems.

Although employer branding has been around for a while, it shot to prominence only in the mid-1990s with the advent of the first online job boards. This development gave employees unprecedented access to countless opportunities nationwide, leading to a more dynamic workforce and marking the end of lifelong company loyalty.

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In this context, social media has become pivotal in recruitment and job seeking. At its core, recruitment is about forging relationships, and recruiters must cultivate their branding to establish enduring connections. The Recruitment and Social media worlds were meant to meet and make sparks fly.

A survey by Jobvite reveals that 83% of participants employed or intended to employ social networking for recruitment purposes. The survey, completed by over 600 HR professionals, pointed toward significant sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Conversely, as per the Pew Research Center, “approximately 51% of adults with bachelor’s or advanced degrees claim they use LinkedIn”. LinkedIn has become the weapon of choice for recruiting professionals and candidates seeking better professional opportunities. 


The Rapid Rise of Social Media Recruitment in Egypt: A Comprehensive Analysis


In early 2023, LinkedIn reported having approximately 7.90 million registered (not active!) members in Egypt, noting that 29.4% are female and 70.6% are male. Data from the platform reveals that LinkedIn users in Egypt grew by 1.5 million (+ 23.4%) between 2022 and 2023. The platform does not represent the working population and certainly concerns a more highly educated, urban, and connected population than the average. However, it constitutes a great tool to approach an interesting population for Recruiters.

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A study conducted by and YouGov in 2019 suggests that 79% of Egyptian professionals rely on online job sites for job search, closely followed by 65% who utilize social media. The report also shows that social media is a crucial tool for 69% of Egyptian employers to enhance their employer brand, and 59% use it as a resource for candidate sourcing.

The momentum of social media recruitment in Egypt continues to accelerate, especially among well-educated, younger job seekers active on popular platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 


Top 6 Strategies to Enhance Your Employer Brand and Ace Social Media Recruitment


Tip#1: Fine-Tune Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) for Greater Attraction


The Employer Value Proposition (EVP) describes what an organization stands for, requires, and offers as an employer. It should encapsulate traditional remuneration packages, the company’s culture, career development avenues, work-life balance, work atmosphere, leadership philosophy, recognition practices, and the complete employee experience.

Your EVP plays a significant role in making your organization stand out in the fiercely competitive talent market. An effective EVP clearly shows what potential hires can expect from your organization – from professional growth opportunities to job satisfaction. To resonate with your target talent pool, ensure your EVP is genuine and closely aligned with your organization’s core values and objectives.

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Remember that your employees are your employer brand’s best ambassadors and influencers. They can spread the word about your organization, generate positive reviews and referrals, and attract like-minded candidates.


Tip#2: Optimize Your Social Media Profiles for Innovative Recruitment Practices

Your online presence dramatically impacts the first impression that potential candidates get of your employer brand. It includes your website, career site, social media profiles, job boards, online reviews, and other digital platforms.

Once your organization has established its unique characteristics and appealing qualities, it becomes crucial to convey that brand consistently across all digital touchpoints, public relations (PR), and offline channels. 

Your corporate website and social media platforms are typically your primary communication channels, especially those crafted for businesses and professionals. LinkedIn is a dominant platform in this category, but other professional networking platforms could also be worthy, depending on your region and industry. You should also consider the following:

  • Onlyfy: A popular professional networking platform in German-speaking countries (previously Xing) offering job search, networking opportunities, and industry-specific groups.
  • Welcome to the Jungle: A one-of-its-kind platform dedicated to Employer Branding. Businesses can appealingly present themselves, emphasizing what makes them different. It is also a professional networking platform in Europe, particularly France, that offers networking, job searching, and industry discussions.
  • WeChat Work: A business-oriented version of the famous Chinese social media platform, WeChat, offering communication, collaboration, and networking features within organizations.
  • AngelList: A platform for startups, entrepreneurs, and investors, enabling startups to connect with potential investors, hire talent, and promote their ventures.

Remember, not all platforms are created equal. The key is to identify where your potential hires are most active and align those platforms with your organizational objectives. Encourage your recruiters to extend their reach beyond just sharing job openings and utilize their networks to promote your organization’s culture and values.

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For example, LinkedIn is a popular choice for professional networking and job searching, while Instagram might be more effective for showcasing the employer’s brand and culture. Facebook can be used to share company news and events, Twitter to share industry insights and trends, and YouTube to share employee stories and behind-the-scenes videos. 


Tip#3: Engage and Interact to Set The Cornerstones of a Robust Employer Brand

Your audience is unique, and so are their needs. It’s essential to address them individually to establish meaningful connections. Factors such as experience level, department, location, main field of study, industry experience, and candidate source require bespoke engagement.

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The insights you get from this analysis will help you to have a clearer idea of your top candidate’s expectations and priorities, allowing you to craft a compelling message if the results show something different from your organization’s values or goals.

Use social media to build relationships, nurture talent pipelines, and actively listen and respond to candidate interactions on social media. Personalize your responses and engage in meaningful conversations.

Rather than solely sharing job openings from the company account, recruiters should tap into their networks to extend their reach. They can access a more diverse pool of candidates, promote their culture and values, and minimize hiring costs.


Tip#4: Spice up your social media posts by infusing creativity… and a bit of humor!

Consistency in tone across platforms is essential, but remember to diversify your content to appeal to different audience segments. Striking the right balance between humor, creativity, and professionalism can reflect your company values and foster candidate attraction.

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Striking the Perfect Balance: Ideas for Effective Social Media Content Posting:

  • Invent catchy and unique hashtags to promote your job openings.
  • Use some emojis to make your job descriptions more engaging.
  • Create humorous and relatable memes related to the hiring process or workplace situations to show your company’s fun side (Be careful to avoid offensive or controversial content – keep it light-hearted and inclusive).


Tip#5: Conquere the Challenges in Social Media Employer Branding

As a decision-maker in HR, you’re likely well-acquainted with the challenges of maintaining a positive corporate reputation on social media platforms. Business reputation is one of many challenges, as social media can present many other challenges and risks for your employer’s branding strategy. 

Negative Publicity and Criticism: External and internal sources can damage your reputation and credibility. Do not ignore or deny the negative publicity, as it fuels more criticism. Instead, acknowledge the issue immediately and show empathy and concern for your customers, stakeholders, and the public.

Time, Resources, and Skills: to manage and maintain your social media presence and to create and distribute relevant and consistent content across different platforms and channels. You should define a clear employer value proposition (EVP) aligned with the corporate brand. 

Unrealistic Expectations and Misalignment: this can happen between your employer brand and your employee experience if you do not deliver on your promises and values. This can be eliminated through employee advocacy and engagement and by turning the current employees into ambassadors for the brand itself. 

Legal and Ethical Issues: such as privacy, copyright, and discrimination, if you do not follow the rules and regulations of each platform and country. Accordingly, it should be a straightforward procedure that includes all relevant local regulations and laws as well as the rules and policies of each social media platform and be maintained and updated regularly to avoid any violations. 


Tip#6: Measure and Analyze Social Media Efforts for Continuous Employer Branding Improvement

“What gets measured gets managed.”

This famous quote by Peter Drucker couldn’t be more accurate. To enhance social media recruitment performance, you must define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), use analytics, and tweak your strategy based on insights to continuously improve your Social Media Recruitment Strategy.

  • Experimenting with different formats, times, and frequencies is essential to find the optimal balance for recruiting posts and messages on social media.
  • Determine the benefits of your employer branding efforts, consider the improved turnover and retention rates, or whether recruitment is more efficient or effective in hiring suitable candidates.
  • By measuring candidate quality, you can determine whether your Employer Brand is helping you attract suitable candidates. Here are some metrics to use in measuring the quality of your candidates:
    • How many candidates come via referral.
    • The number of candidates selected to be interviewed compared to the total number of candidates.
    • The number of interviews versus the number of employment offers.
    • Job performance and retention rate of new hires.
  • Track the engagement (number of likes, shares) and followers to measure whether your employer’s brand exposure is growing and appealing to the market. Positive or negative engagement with your content provides an understanding of how followers view your brand.
  • Monitor the number of interested job seekers reaching out to HR. Track whether this number increases or declines. This will provide insight into whether your employer’s branding efforts resonate with job seekers.
  • Understanding visitor behavior on your career page will help you target your employer’s branding efforts. You can gather statistics from site traffic, such as:
    • Total number of views
    • Visitor source (Do people come directly from your corporate page or via your social media?)
    • Duration of visits
    • Amount of applications completed
    • Bounce rate (Number of visits that only view 1 page)
    • Candidate conversion (Number of completed applications / total visitors x 100)
    • Drop-off rates (Number of visitors who abandon an application/ total number of initiated applications * 100)


Conclusion: The Road Ahead for Social Media Recruitment and Employer Branding

To wrap it all up neatly in a bow, remember that crafting an effective social media strategy for employer branding is akin to orchestrating a symphony. Each instrument plays a distinct role, producing harmonious melodies together. Your Employer Value Proposition is the conductor, leading the ensemble and setting the tempo. Your social media platforms are your orchestra – each one a unique instrument resonating with different segments of your audience. Your audience engagement efforts are the melodies, drawing your listeners in, while your innovative and creative posts add that dash of charm – the crescendos in your symphony.

Challenges may come, hitting an occasional discordant note, but with practical strategies and measures in place, you’ll quickly regain your rhythm. And remember, just like in a symphony, practice and continuous improvement make perfect. Keep track of your performance, and never stop refining your masterpiece.

So, pick up your baton, HR Maestros, and let’s start conducting our social media symphonies. Every note you strike shapes the future of your employer brand. And who knows? Your next composition could be a hit with your most coveted talent, making your company’s name echo in the halls of top talent destinations. Happy branding!

Feeling overwhelmed by the symphony of social media branding? No worries, at NAOS Talents, we know that navigating the landscape of HR responsibilities in a fast-growing market like Egypt is no small accomplishment. We are here to help you fine-tune your approach and hit all the right notes! With our recruitment and outsourced HR expertise, we can help you find, attract, and retain the top talent your organization needs to perform at its best.

Ready to turn up the volume on your employer branding? Contact us today, and let’s make your company the talk of the talent town!

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